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Commemorative Plaque
VO-67 Commemortive_plaque
United States Navy Memorial Foundation
Naval Heritage Center, Washington, DC

VO-67 Commemortive_plaque

Pictured is a copy of the approximately seven by four inch commemorative plaque mounted on the Commemorative Wall inside the Naval Heritage Center in Washington, DC. This plaque honors the legacy of all members of the VO-67 squadron and their place in Naval history.

The Commemorative Wall is viewed by many thousands of visitors each year including veterans, families, friends, school children and tourists from America and around the world.

VO-67 will share this special wall with others honored such as the USS Cole, USS Missouri, and the USS Enterprise CV-6 to name a few. A complete list of units honored is available on the US Navy Memorial Foundation web site.

A replica of the VO-67 commemorative plaque mounted on a fine hardwood base is available from Naval Memorial Foundation for $125.00. The handsomely mounted plaque is suitable for your desk, coffee table or hanging on the wall. The plaque will become an instant family heirloom. For information and order form for a replica plaque contact:

Committee Chairman
AE-1 Mike Walker at 850-456-1340 or E-Mail mwalker255@aol.com

VO-67 Commemortive_plaque
US Naval Memorial Foundation / Lone Sailor information

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